My chat keeps saying, "Camera/Audio is not available!"; What's happening?

The active audio and/or camera device has either glitched out or are being used by another application. You can close the browser entirely and re-try. If the device is some how in use, double check that there is no other software/application using your device. It's truly one of those issues many may deal with at times.

My camera shut off randomly.

At times your specific server may endure some down-time, you can try re-broadcasting if you notice this. There's not much that can be done at the moment other than report the downtimes to [email protected]

Why can't I see someone but see everyone else?

It's possible that a consumer server was just not available for whatever reason, some being that the producer couldn't re-produce a signal to an available server, This could and likely will happen in very busy situations possibly requiring a re-load of cameras to find an available slot as a viewer.

Will there be free rooms forever?

Yes, however that's difficult to answer as to which options they'll get, it's a costly site to run so they'd certainly come with limitations. There's no gaurantee just yet till numbers are ran. Please understand. Maybe offer your feedback at [email protected]

Why is premium pricing not set?

I've not determined all the options I'll provide just yet, or how users can expect to be charged

When will requests be taken on as well as certain feature adds and fixes?

Soon hopefully, organizing this operation solo is a big deal and keeping you guys informed is also, I currently have a bit more back end to work on. You can keep track through our community discord https://discord.com/invite/KCfH5PQ